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Ceramic Candle Mug Pink

Ceramic Candle Mug Pink

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These huggable ceramic mugs are made with hand poured 100% soy wax and scented with either Apples + Bourbon or Ginger Spice. Dishwasher safe and durable.

Wax Weight: 14 oz
Diameter: 4"
Height: 3.5"
Includes: Single Cotton Wick, Soy Wax, Ceramic Mug

Please trim wicks 1/4" before each lighting. During each light, please allow wax pool to thoroughly reach the edges of jar. This helps with longevity & clean burning. Burn no longer than 4 hours at a time on a fire resistant surface.  Trim off black tips and flared, 'mushroom' ends. Allow to completely cool before relighting.