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Succulent Cacti Candle
Succulent Cacti Candle

Succulent Cacti Candle

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For all the succulent lovers, each of these succulent garden candles are handmade and detail focused. Place these in guest bathrooms or any space needing a little warmth and color! Choose from Dark Green, Mint Green, or Bright Lime Green. And of course, no need for watering!

Wax Weight: 4 oz
Total Weight: 7.5 oz
Diameter: 2.75"
Height: 2.25" 
Includes: Double Cotton Wick, Soy Wax + Beeswax Blend 
* Info varies with each candle

Please trim wicks 1/4" before each lighting. During each light, please allow wax pool to thoroughly reach the edges of jar. This helps with longevity & clean burning. Burn no longer than 4 hours at a time on a fire resistant surface. Allow to completely cool before relighting.